I have been engaged in the David & Goliath struggle against the tobacco industry for the past seven years …

Stories of Hope Triumphing over Darkness

My daughter, then 15 years old, came to me with tears in her eyes, asking for books to read that didn’t have sex or gore. After an in-depth study of the current YA market, we found that most books written for her contained excessive amounts of violence, gore, and sexuality. We prayed about this need, and the Holy Spirit reminded me that He had gifted me with a talent that had sat unused for decades.

Dusting off a talent ‘hid in the sand’ took a bit, but with the help of epic author coaches, and a lot of hard work, I’m excited to present you with exciting stories that also contain moral truth. My promise to you is no cursing and no “on-screen” sex.

My writing seeks to uplift Christ, show healthy family values, and provide suspense and entertainment
for you and your kids.

Powers & Principalities

Forged by Faith

Forged by Faith

Have you ever wished your faith was sight? Nathan was content to be a husband, and a dad, and he loved his job in substance prevention, saving kids from addiction. Then a call from Heaven turns him into a paladin, a soldier of God.

Together with his guardian angel, he must step into the shadows carrying the Light for others. Imaginary monsters really exist now, and the Enemy is seeking his soul.

“A Shadow is Rising, devouring their pain ‘Til hollow the shell, and dust remains.”

Rose was your typical overachieving homeschooled kid until she met the oldest living dragon. As his Talon of Hope, she will battle the forces of Darkness to save the souls of her friends.