I have been engaged in the David & Goliath struggle against the tobacco industry for the past 8 years …

Jason McCoy

For the past eight years, I’ve been engaged in the David & Goliath struggle against the tobacco industry. I didn’t mean to land between millions of dollars of marketing and our youth, but I certainly spent time being equipped to serve. I received my Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Promotion. I have now led hundreds of presentations on substance prevention at every level ranging from Elementary students to national presentations at a variety of conferences. As a result of this work, thirty-two local ordinances were passed to protect young people from the dangers of tobacco & vaping products.

My Heart

My heart is with youth. They have access to more knowledge in the palms of their hands than we had in our entire school libraries. With that technology comes a host of misinformation about many subjects, something the tobacco industry exploits to the tune of $1Million an hour.

Truth Matters

My philosophy of teaching is “Truth Matters.” I promise to deliver only the facts in all presentations and encourage your students to evaluate the data and the latest research to make their own decisions.

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