The Invisible War

February 10, 2023

Ephesians 6: 10-18 speaks of a supernatural war going on all about us. Sandwiched between two otherworldly armies lies humanity. We aren’t without a say in the outcome of this battle. Rather we play a significant role in the day-to-day victories or defeats. Yes, the God of Heaven will overcome Lucifer and his demons, AND Christians are commanded to stand and fight against these supernatural powers.

This is the backdrop to Powers & Principalities, the world scape where my urban fantasy stories occur. Set in Fargo, North Dakota (USA), and the surrounding region, the characters wage their war against the forces of the Kingdom of Darkness. It’s not all about fighting, though, is it? Like real life, rescuing those plagued by the Dark is far more valuable an endeavor. Our heroes seek to accomplish both. Sometimes one must defeat the Darkness to save those captured by its evil lure.

I’m eager to deliver book 1, Forged by Faith, in May 2023. A companion series highlighting teens in the same city will release in the Summer of 2023 as well. From there, both series will continue. (I’m already writing book 2 to follow Forged by Faith.)

So welcome to my blog, my website, and the crazy characters running around in my head. I promise you a fun adventure with plenty of action, adventure, dad jokes, and pop culture references. Zero spice or swearing, just healthy relationships and family values. We do tackle substance addiction, mental health issues, and negative peer pressure.

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you.